Bespoke software development

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When tackling new developments, it is important to make the best use of your resources in order to gain the most leverage for the benefit of your business. Outsourcing the development of bespoke components is an important option to have available.

My partners and I will develop high quality, resilient software that is fit for purpose. This can enable your business resources to remain focused on the areas where they add the most value.

We engage with clients to assess the initial problem statement, and we will work through the full software engineering cycle pragmatically and effectively in order to arrive at an well defined brief. From this, we will work towards the agreed upon goal, while paying attention to budgets and the need for early feedback and potential adjustments.

By engaging with our software engineering expertise, you will gain access to the full depth of our experience, as summarised below. This will enable you to obtain robust and performant components that you can integrate into your systems, with the confidence that these elements will add value to the critical path of your business.


Dependable Systems

Engineering useful, quality and resilient systems requires the combination of a number of areas of expertise. These are the areas are covered by the full range of services that I provide and coordinate:

I apply all of these principles internally to any project that we run. This enables us to produce bespoke software components across a range of industries:

  • health care sector
  • telecommunications sector
  • optimisation sector
  • service sector
  • etc.

And it enables us to provide software components across a range of technical domains:

  • large scale distributed systems
  • event processing systems
  • data integrity systems
  • user facing systems
  • soft real-time systems
  • high concurrency systems
  • low latency systems
  • etc.

When it makes sense for a business to outsource development of critical components, it also makes sense to engage with the software engineering expertise that will give you the comfort and confidence to do so.

I am passionate about seeing ideas translated into production systems that support businesses in their success.

Written by Stewart Gebbie