I believe in systems thinking as an approach to solving problems and engineering large scale resilient software. To that end, I believe that applying this form of problem solving to the context that we share and cherish here on Earth is equally important for achieving a resilient, sustainable, healthy and thriving world. However, very often the people and organisations that could benefit from these skills are under resourced.

I would like to be part of the change that brings complex systems engineering and software engineering to projects that aim to make a positive difference to our world. To make a concrete contribution I will be donating some portion of my time and profits to well meaning projects.


More specifically, I will be donating:

  • 1 day of my time a month

in the form of software and systems engineering skills and resources to deserving projects.


  • January, 2019 - 1 day available
  • Skills: systems thinking, software architecture and design consulting, software development (e.g. Java), software project guidance and consulting.


  • December, 2018
  • November, 2018 - 1 day budgeted. Unclaimed.
  • October, 2018 - 1 day budgeted. Unclaimed.
  • September, 2018 - 1 day budgeted. Unclaimed.


The intent of these donations is to make a positive difference to the world by supporting community projects that help our civilisation work together as a collective while ensuring that our natural environment remains healthy and is used sustainably.

In order to make that intent more concrete, please read the guidelines below for projects submissions:

  1. Submissions must include clearly defined requirements.
  2. Submissions should outline how the given project contributes to our world and the reach that the project will have.
  3. Submissions should attempt to take into account the resource budget available (as noted above).
  4. Submissions should attempt to take cognisance of the resource skill sets available (as noted above).
  5. Submissions should only be made in the case that the software output is to be put back into the public domain under a suitable open-source licence.
  6. Submissions should only be made in the case that the consultative feedback or designs can be made public knowledge with restrictions limited to copyrights but with no intellectual property limitations.
  7. Submitters must acknowledge that any software or consultative input is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Further, in no event shall I, Stewart Gebbie, or my partners be liable for any claim, damages or other liability arising out of or in connection with software or consultative input provided in connection with these sponsored “outreach” projects.
  8. Because my I am currently living in South Africa, please note that priority will be given to projects in Southern Africa and Africa.
  9. Finally, please note that while I will attempt to fairly evaluate potential submissions requesting support, that my decision as to how to allocate my budgeted resources is final and my own.