Taking ideas to production.

I could start talking about ROI, value propositions, speed to market and agility. However, the reality is that my partners and I are simply passionate about seeing useful, high quality and resilient software running in production.

To reach this goal, in addition to having expertise in large scale distributed systems, we offer the complete range of services that are necessary for covering the full life-cycle of software engineering. These help to ensure that software reaches production promptly and that it runs with a minimal operational overhead:

  • Coaching software development teams in practices that support continuous deployment with a low operational load.
  • Analysing business requirements in order to produce conceptual designs that will support the business operations.
  • Architecting software systems to embody the design elements needed by the business processes, while supporting ongoing change and early releases.
  • Managing development teams through concrete processes, using tools that provide visibility and oversight.
  • Building bespoke software systems and components that can be integrated into deployed solutions.

All the while, we keep our eye on early releases and rigorous feedback so as to continually drive improvements and highlight business opportunities.